Essays on Erotic Humiliation:

What Women Really Think: An Essay on the subject of Small Penis Humiliation

How Erika Became a Size Queen: Confessions of a woman who admits that she much prefers large over small

How Does "Big" Feel?: One woman's attempt to describe the feeling of being penetrated by a well endowed man.

Sissy Humiliation: The psychology of erotic humiliation

Sexual Humiliation: Exactly what is "humiliation", as it pertains to sexual fetishes?

A Femdom View on Sexual Humiliation: Mistress Elizabeth writes about sexual humiliation from a Femdom perspective

CFNM Humiliation: Voyeurism, exhibitionism, Domination, submission and humiliation - all wrapped up into one big ball of clothed female - naked male fun!

Small Cock Humiliation: One Femdom's opinion on why some men enjoy being mocked about their underendowment.