Feminization and Crossdressing Articles and Essays

Crossdressing and Trasngendered Terms: Phrases and keywords that should be in the vocabulary of every crossdresser

The Luxurious Pleasure of Stockings: No wardrobe is complete without stockings...

Lingerie For Crossdressers: Things every "girl" should know about shopping for lingerie

Guided Feminization: Twice the Girlie Fun

Feminization and Spirituality: Spiritual historical references of crossdressing

Cosmetics and Crossdressing: A Guide to shopping for make up

The Fetish Crossdresser vs The Lifestyle Crossdresser: What are the differences?

What is a Sissy?: Various Femdommes answer this age-old question

Sissy Husbands and Married Crossdressers: Sharing your feminine side with your partner

Sissy Cuckolds: An essay exploring the lifestyle of the sissy cuckold.

Feminization and Orgasm Denial: A sissy's view of Orgasm Denial